Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fun May Things

A year or so ago - this little guy was very shy! You woldnt have believed it last night when he was front row center - singing up a storm! (The little guy in the grey striped sweater)
Yes - he is wearing a sweater. It was nice and warm yesterday morning - I was wearing sandals and a short sleeve top when I went to the nursing school to do evals. Came out and it was cold and windy and off/on raining!

My first group of students gave me these as a thank you gift. Hubby wants to know if they think I am a wino or what. I just think that they thought they drove me to drink....

My second group gave me this awesome orchid. I just hope I can keep it alive! And there it is on the plant stand my daughter handed down to me! LOL!
Tonight is the Work Bonding experience at Campo di Bocce. I didnt get to go last year because I was new to my crutches....I just wish it was going to be warmer this year! But it should be fun - even tho I dont have any idea how to play!
And next week is the Pinning Ceremony for my students from last year. Alas, two of them will have to wait till next year ;-(
Now to get ready to go buy the dirt so we can hopefully get some things planted - before it freezes again!!!!

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