Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I am freezing tonight! Maybe cause I am tired (worked a double yesterday and picked up an extra 8 hours tomorrow since we are not having our Thanksgiving dinner until Sunday) and because I just ran outside to cover up some of the plants cause it is supposed to get down into the 20's tonight. Of course, it was all put into perspective when I talked to my daughter in NV and she said when she got home this AM from work it was 8 degrees outside!
And before I forget it - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And I wont even subject you to my tirade on how retailers have corrupted Thanksgiving and consumers have (literally and figuratively) bought into it.
If you are part of the crazy hoard that participates in Black Friday....well, just know that tirade explains why I typically work on Black Friday...
So apparently said daughter in Nevada had a run in with a deer on the way home. Smashed up her car, but did not total it - and she is unhurt. That makes me very thankful TODAY!
Luckily they have very good insurance. But what has her the most upset is that today she is going for her interview for a position she wants very very badly - and not only is she afraid the accident was an omen - it shook her up - and she didnt get any sleep today. And her SO missed out on extra pay, OT etc because she needed him home. So, as you read this - please say a prayer for them!
Looks like my short - but well enjoyed - career as a Clinical Instuctor is over. We have come to a parting of the ways because at this point in my life and career I am just not interested in orienting to another hospital in order to spend 6 - 12 hours/week doing things their way while we are still going thru so many changes where I work (they are trying to find a new clinical site because of our small patient census - yet they are negotiating with an institution that had jsut as small a census last year as we did!).
Plus, the cut in pay just makes it not worthwhile, yada yada yada. I hope they find someone to take my place - I told them a month ago that I probably would not be doing it and they just got around to meeting with me today. And the rotation starts at the end of January. (What is more sad, is they need to find a new Director for the program and they will be offering approx $30,000/year less than any other school around - they want to pay $70,000/year for a very stressful and more than full time job - when you can do bedside nursing 3 shifts/week and make more than a $100,000! Good luck with that!)
Anyway, what has me upset is that apparently they had some complaints from me from staff members. Yeah, the people I work with year round. They complained that I wasnt at bedside with the students 100% of the time. Really? 10 students spread between Pediatrics, Nursery, and Post Partum? And I wasnt with the students 100% of the time? Amazing how they could be in one area making that comment without knowing what I was doing in the other areas. And espcially considering that 1/2 the semester I had a student that I had to spend almost 1:1 time with every time she was on the unit.
But has me upset with this - is they couldnt say anything to me about it at the time. My co workers I mean. They didnt say it to me, but they commented on it to the school.....and then the school waits how many months to bring it up to me? Oh well, I will "Let It Go" because altho I enjoyed the student interaction it was very stressful to me and not financially worthwhile and it will be nice to have my life back next January - May for the first time in 3? 4? years.
So I leave you again with a Happy Thanksgiving and yet another request - as you come across people and situations that add to your thankfulness through out the year - please let them know about it. It will make their day, and yours!

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