Finally - after approx 20 years in this house and hating the palm trees all that time - we are finally getting rid of them. We started off with 5 - 3 in the front and 2 in the back. Not sure why ANYONE would plant that many on this small of a lot.

Got rid of one in the back many many years ago and it really traumatized the guy - cause it was so full of animals and birds and nests and baby birds.....Never could really find any one else to take down the rest that we could afford.

The most difficult one is left to come down. And that is cause it is growing up between a bunch of wires.

Our new front door is in. Will be delivered Tuesday.
Guess we have to find the hardware for it. And also order an address plaque for the house since we will not longer be able to use "the house with the 3 palms in the front yard"!!!


Birdsong said…
I remember growing up with palm trees in my neighborhood; it was kinda spooky what all could be hidden in them. Looking forward to seeing what you do with that newly-freed space. Look for a bonded/insured tree service to take care of that last one! DH used to do that sort of work in Sacramento.

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