Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tales of UFOs

Now "UFO" means an entirely different thing to my husband than it does to me. To me it is a frustrating word because it stands for Un Finished Objects. Of which I have way too many. Probably because I am like a dog and a ball, or a squirrel, and am easily diverted from projects that take too much time to finish, no matter how much I want the finished object!
See that sweater? Several years ago I fell in love with it and with a certain Homespun yarn. I dont mind knitting with Homespun yarn, and I like the feel of it. I think it is great in afghans. Anyway, got the yarn and started knitting. Several years ago. Stopped knitting, and after some tme I found it again and thought, sigh, I should sit down and finish this. Much to my suprise, all I had to do was put it together!
And I did. And then I found that this is a very bulky, very warm jacket. And I set it aside.
Then we had our door issues, and getting sick and all, I found it was wonderful for wearing in the house to keep warm.
And then I discovered the other downside to this really realy stretches....I think the arms are now long enough for my husband.....and I cannot even use the pockets because they are so far below my arm length to be useless.....this started out well above my it is at my knees and creeping longer....soon it will truly be the bathrobe it has been turning into!
Am going to try washing/drying it to see what happens.....

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danielle said...

Update: it is creeping past my knees....wonder when it will be ankle length?