Sunday, July 1, 2012

The County Fair

I'm getting at the fair exhausted me. We did walk a lot slower cause DD's knee was hurting, and it was crowded so we did a lot more waiting around. This is going to be mainly photos with brief captions....
 First stop - tradition - 4H cake booth....use to be able to get one slice and share it - HA!
 My socks.....did not win.....
 My scarf.....did not win.....
 They felt sorry for me and my breast cancer ornament rec'd Honorable Mention....
 But Tom's plant won 3d place!!!!!!!!
 I agreed with the boys who described this as "freaky"
 I love love love this and really want it - but not enough to spend $1300!!!!
 This was awesome - the chapel in Yosemite - all the stars in the sky - and my reflection as well as Connor's reflection in the glass! LOL
 Also liked this one - Concord Valley in 1900
 We painted rocks - Connors is the dog, mine is the very un-artistic patriotic heart
 and Luke's on the left and Jack's on the right (front row)
 Lunch! The grownups had tamales - fresh tamales - about the best I have ever had!
 A new game at the fair - glad they had the energy - throw the firehats and let the wind get them, and then chase after them!
And look who can do one handed "push ups"! !!!!

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