Saturday, July 28, 2012


 I thought we were going to go into Sonora - at least go out to the Mile High Pie Place! But we were both tired from staying up to late Friday night watching the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics, so we walked around Jamestown a bit and then headed home. Stopped in Manteca to eat at hubby's favorite chain restaurants!
 See.....hubby rides his trains and I go along with my camera and my knitting! And we are both happy (also my kindle in my purse...)
See that huge rusty ladle? It really is quite big. Now visualize it hanging on the wall or fence with some kind of trailing plant in it....yup.....hubbies entry for the 2013 Fair!
And this is a bargain piece of Balleek I found. Probably the bargain because no saucer. Oh well.

This was the weekend we were going to spend in the Jamestown/Sonora area, trying out a new B&B. What we had forgotten was that this was smack dab in the middle of babysitting our granddog!

So we were able to cancel the B&B reservations (sigh) but the train tickets were non-refundable. So we drove up there today to ride the train!

Hubby was in heaven - of course! Cause it was a steam train! ( I told him he needs to start a bucket list of all the trains he wants to ride....

We walked around Jamestown afterwards & enjoyed going into antique shops. Some were intersting - one had the largest amount of Autumn Leaf china that we have ever seen in one place! - and one was quite outrageously priced! An old, dirty, iron glass topped table - not even the original glass, and most definetly NOT an antique - and they wanted $49! HA! I wanted it but not enough to have my money stolen for it...

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