Sunday, December 16, 2012

Busy Week!

Monday was our son-in-laws birthday - happy birthday Earl!
Tuesday I gave my first lecture...
Wednesday was oldest daughter's birthday - happy birthday Jessyca!
Thursday was the 4th grade class's presentation of The Nutcracker; The Musical with oldest grandson (the ones fripping his sword with great intent!) as a soldier - this is one of the best grade school shows we have been to!
 Friday was hubby's birthday! And oldest daughter, and her 3 boys, picked him up and then me, and we went to the Winter Wonderland whatever at Great America in Santa Clara. The boys had a great time - personally, altho the lights were fantastic, it was a bit lame...

 The peacock was absolutely awesome - especially when all the colors flashed!

 Note the car Mom chose when the 2 oldest boys and PaPa joined her in Bumper Cars!
Saturday was rainy and we went to Berkeley and checked out some of the dogs for adoption at the BACS and Bad Rap...came very close to 2 totally different dogs, but we are still dogless....sigh....

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