Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas - Happy Solstice - Blessed New Year!

What a winter it has been....nice and wet so far! And pretty darn cold too!

Christmas Day was noisy and busy and lovely. Son and granddog were here - along with daughter and her family. Now we are awaiting other daughter and her family to come up - and to have New Years with us! That will involve lots more lovely noisiness!

 From a swap partner extraordinaire - Jennifew was wonderful! I have already made and gifted the bootees - worn the mobius/infinity scarf (so warm and snuggly!) and used the mug and the bowl (for those of you who cant tell what it is - is a yarn bowl - something I have longed for but wouldnt buy for myself AND it was made by her niece! Super special!!)
 I like to think this scarf sums me up - at least most of the time!
And these? Yum! Saving them for my work lunches - not pictured is the jerky that my husband ate well before Christmas Day and the apple butter - which reminds me, I need to make some bread to eat the apple butter with....maybe tomorrow!
New Years resolutions - this year I have a ton of them - wonder how many of them will make it past a month?
1. No more stockpiling/losing/forgetting presents - that has been very humiliating and humbling this year as I have been unearthing many from years gone by [and jsut found even more today] - been giving them out too rather than taking a chance on losing them again! And yet I just placed an order for some for 2013 cause the sale was too good to pass up! But this time they are immediately going into my database that lists what and for whom - and WHERE THEY ARE!!!!
2. Time to declutter - got piles of things for a yard sale already, and others are going on freecycle and to the thrift shops. Organize organize organize - and even more importantly - stay organized!

3. I would like to keep the dining room table cleaned off and useable...

4. Really need to get around to organizing 'my room' so that I can locate all my craft needs and supplies and USE THEM UP!!! (I have been trying - making small things from stash yarn and sending them to charities but it is slow going - have 6 teddy bears made for my friend to take to Africa with her next March - need to get some done!)

5. Become more social - stay more in touch with friends and not just be the usual recluse that I am (am looking forward to a get together Jan 19 with a lot of friends!)

6. Keep going thru more books than I buy or accumulate - read them and get rid of them before I get more!

7. Get more done on the house that needs to be done - and on me! - including exercising! Cant wait for the 24H Fitness to open next to my job (March they are saying) cause then I could at least do 1/2 hour most days! Better than what I am doing now!)

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