Weekend wrap up

Saturday on our way out to Market, later than usual, I went to put something in the garbage can - yup, that little bit of rain Friday night caused the lid to be frozen shut! And this is California folks - as my hub loves to say - all of California is NOT Baywatch!

Today we did some gardening - this was late morning - and I dumped some standing water out of a saucer under a pot - and dumped out a couple of chunks of ice! And hour later, when it was around noon time, that ice was still intact on the ground!

Our little winter garden is looking good. Dug up a couple of potatoes we didnt know about - one was already rooting. I think - well, I am pretty sure, I lost both my little jade plants but a lot of the other succulents have made it.  And tomorrow morning is supposed to be even colder than this morning was! Brrr....

Well, I was going to include some photos from my new sidebar - the completed items of 2013 but blogger has changed and I cannot figure out how to upload from my computer, so those will have to wait on other day.

Can we just hope for some semi-decent weather for this upcoming Saturday please????


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