Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Just Cant Figure It Out

So many changes in the last few clocking in and out - just show up, do your work, and go home....kinda like an honor system. After so many years of being married to timeclocks, that is hard to get use to - wierd to walk out without doing anything to clock out!

And commuting. Whew. I cannot figure out rhyme or reason as to the traffic issues.

For instance:
Monday I expected it to be bad - so I left at 0722 - and it took me an hour to get to work.
Tuesday I left slightly later - at 0730 - and it took me 35 minutes to get to work!
Wednesday I had to leave at 0700 - and it took me 45 minutes.
Today I left at 0705, and it took me 40 minutes.

Coming home it usually takes about the same length of time no matter what time I leave for home...

But everyone told me - you will get the rhythm of traffic (for instance, Monday is worse than Friday but there have been Fridays that have been worse than MOndays!) but I dont think there is any rhyme or reason!

I just now that it takes longer for me to get from my house to the freeway than it does for me to get to work once I get onto the freeway and yet the distance is about the same.

That is because the little road I use to get to the freeway should be used only by locals but lots and lots of people from the Valley use it as a short cut to the freeway I use rather than the other freeway they should be using. And the trucks! They really need to be banned from this road - they are slow because of traffic and because it is a hilly road that is 1/2 one lane and 1/2 two lane.

Ok, enough whining for time I will be whining about types of cars and the personalities involved (no insult meant, but I really am starting to hate Lexus drivers!)

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