Monday, May 13, 2013


What a weekend! Busy and fun and exhausting!

I am so thrilled with myself - totally out of shape because of work and then THE WORST ALLERGY SEASON EVER!!! - I completed the 10K walk! Again, I gave myself 'permisson' to use the limo if I needed to....and I must say it was soooooo hot I really thought I was going to have to! The one hill (which really isnt much of a hill) almost did me in - but I completed the whole darn thing and in pretty good time too~ just over a 20 minute mile.....not bad considering the first mile or so is so slow cause of the crowded downtown sidewalks.

Couldnt have done it without the wonderful people who made donations - and my daughter who walked with me, and her friend; and my husband who helped me with my decorated bra and cheered me on!

Then the next day that same daughter hosted her annual Mothers Day brunch which was lovely! Recieved lovely presents from all my children - had a good time with the 3 Clone Troopers - our in laws.....then came home and napped because last night was my first night shift since 1997? 1998? And now it is 12 hour shift!

And I survived it!!! YAY!! Only 935 more to go.....(3 shifts/week x 52 x 6 years...) LOL.

Came home and napped for a few hours and now the goal is to stay up to watch Hawaii 50.....we will see!

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