Sunday, May 5, 2013

Maybe I Should Have A Little Wine With My Whine

So it is how many days until the walk?
And I havent been to the gym since......when?
And cant get outside to walk cause this is the worst allergy season in several fact last year it was so good I was beginning to think I had outgrown my allergies - HA!

I think I am finally past the itchy eyes.....but not the sneezing/dripping nose....and now it is in my chest.
So wonder if I will be able to complete the whole walk this year?

And why why why WHY do I wait till the last minute to decide how to decorate my bra??? I know what I want.....but I cant make it happen! Maybe I will jsut show up in a plain pink bra and say to hell with it....
And keep my plan for next year!

We splurged on the Nutri Bullet today. See if this helps up with our health - maybe some weight loss? Maybe some immunity boost that will help with allergies??? At least it is easier to use than a juicer. We did a trial run this afternoon and it was ok - not good, not bad, just blah. But at least drinkable!!!

Well, I have been at my new job what 2 weeks now? This is my last week on orientation on day shift. I am dreading the move to night shift. I keep thinking - it only has to be for about 5.5 can do it!

The people are very nice and very supportive. I feel sooooooo slow and that jsut irritates me. And you know what surprises me the most? The lack of passion I have. I think I am still grieving over leaving a job that, altho it was only 5 months, I was enjoying far more than I ever thought I would.

Yet I can see all the pros for this new job - besides pay (and a 3% increase in July!) and benefits, there is working only 3 days/week so that I can have a life. The commute is so much better....but so far, it is still only a J-O-B....maybe after I get settled in more this will change.

The puppy was so funny today. He spotted something floating in the pool....he would sneak up to it, look at it, and scurry away from it backwards, never taking his eyes off it! And then he would sit there and stare at it for awhile, and then repeat the whole process again.

All of a sudden it sounded like hail on the patio covering - went outside and we had a very very brief rain - huge raindrops, but very few - but the noise on the patio cover scared him!

While I was outside I went over to see what was floating in the pool to scare him - it was one of my gardening crocs!!! TOO FUNNY!

Decided not to go downtown to the Wine Festival today. Altho wouldnt have minded trying some wines - it was outrageous! $40/person! They justified it by saying it was good for 2 days - wonder how many people used it for two days? Anyway, neither of us felt like putting up with crowds.

Today was the better day. Much cooler than the past week - it is almost chilly at times! Cloudy, sporadically windy - I dont think we will get any more rain but I wish we would!

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