Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Round Up

 A tradition is giving scratchers to everyone - and of course the kids compete to see who wins the most $! - but "Santa" bought some that were very time consuming and difficult!!!!! BUT....from one of those I won $20 which is the most I have ever won!
 Christmas Day at DD.....nice time with DD, SIL, 3 grandkids and the SIL's parents. Got to meet their new puppy
 On the way over to DD house -  wayyyy too hot for Christmas! the best present I got that day? was being put on call and staying on call all night!
 Pre-Christmas Dinner #2.....the crab fanatic being helped by the chef - eating crab sh*#
 The rest of the crew enjoying it!
 I think he likes his light up faux hawk!!!!!
 Beautiful cardinal gifts from a friend - long story behind this - but I am totally in love with the big red bird there!!!!
 We usually have a silly string fight at holidays (ok, but traditions are traditions right? No matter how silly they are!) but this year son bought everyone in the family a Nerf gun. Brought them over Saturday night after cioppino (he does not eat fish unless it is sushi!) and we had a blast!!!! But the best thing ever???? The next morning when my 8 year old grandson told me "MeMaw, you were awesome with that gun last night! You could really shoot fast!!!!" I will remember that compliment forever......
 She played tea parties all the time she was here....and we had to keep wiping up the water....oops, I mean tea.....

Ralphie's first Christmas - he was such a good boy. Never once tried to tear open a package - not even his!!!!

He met his new cousin on Saturday also and he and Lex played all day long! Not sure who had the most fun - or who was the most tired that night!
He wasn't that interested in my daughter's dogs after Roofus (AKA Doofus) growled at him and then Yuke, the big beautiful white dog with autism, came running up at him....he does not do well with dogs running up at him. But for now Lex is smaller than him - wonder how it will be when Lex is bigger than him?

That night DD#2 and her SO went to a movie. Which was fine because 5 minutes after they went to bed the 2 minions were sound asleep. Until midnight that is.....first I heard Ralph roam around but I thought maybe it was DD coming home....then I had the living daylights scared out of me when someone was tapping me on the shoulder and saying "MeMaw the clock is making funny noises" and I woke up to find a midget standing over me! Turns out the alarm clock was going off in their room - the clock her mom put in there to make sure they did not come downstairs until 0800 - well, probably one of the 5 little rugrats played with it or hit something - and the alarm was going off! Woke her right up but her brother never even budged! She went right back to sleep but it took me awhile to let the adrenaline subside....

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