Thursday, January 16, 2014


So I found  out the yarn I am looking for (Red Heart Soft Baby....Bunny Print) is discontinued. There are a lot if people on who have it in their stash, but none for sale. I found a skein of it for sale on $25.00 (plus postage)!!!! What? Cause it is discontinued people will be desperate enough to pay anything? I dont think so!                                                                                         So, at night time I can easily sleep 10 hpurs. During the day.....6 hours. What is up with that?!!?      
                                                                                  Knowing our census was really low I kept watching my phone. Guessed maybe the other NICU nurse might have asked for call....left gor work. 5 minutes away from work, phone shows a missed call...FROM 2 HOURS AGO!!!!!!!!!! Sure nuff....putting me on I turn around and go home.                                                                                                                                           Well, there is always something good that comes from everything.....finished the Susie Rogers Reading Mitts I had started a couple of months ago!

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