Saturday, January 11, 2014


Well, I am making progress sorting out my yarn. Need to re-sort some of it but it is getting corralled all in one area! LOL

Have managed to get rid of assorted bags, small boxes, and one long and bulky storage container! All of it is going into stackable see through storage containers.....and maybe eventually make it into a database ....maybe....I can see much more floor in the junk room! And now have the room that I can finish organizing the bookshelf.

And I have used 6 balls of cotton yarn in making dishcloths for an organization to take to Haiti.....who knows, maybe I will make more but I am getting these in the mail for now.  So that is 6 balls less of yarn....

Starting a baby blanket with yarn that I found - didn't buy it! More itsy bitsy progess!

Went to Barnes & Noble last week and walked out with NOT ONE BOOK!
So what is this - 2d week of 2014? And I am still sticking with my resolution? Not bad.....only 50+ weeks to go!

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