Hey - it's Summer! How Is Yours Going?

How has your summer been?

Mine has been busy but not in the way I intended. At the point I was finally getting "my" crafter etc room set up (moved a bookshelf in; organizing books and yarn and accessories) we invited my daughter and her family to move home ....

So I have spent it clearing out 3 rooms for them to inhabit.....2 are 99% done. "My" room is getting cleared out. The problem is just figuring out where to put everything! we don't have a big house......those 3 rooms are all upstairs......sigh......

Its going to be interesting for them to get use to living with us - and for us to have them living here. Not use to little ones in the house. But it will be a relief for daughter to know there are people around to help care for the kids while she travels for the jobs.....and to get out of the apt that has caused so much frustration (storage broken into and all their things stolen; car broken into 2x).

Then we decided after 20+ years we would bite the bullet and have air conditioning put in. OUCH! But when the first company (we had contacted 2 others who were no shows) that showed up came on the property - we found out we don't even have the ampage for air conditioning - and that would add another $2500 - 3000 to the cost.....

So now next Friday we have someone coming to measure for shutters upstairs. We know we want them on the 3 bedrooms  just have to decide whether or not to put them in the bathroom and hall up there too. Something that we would eventually have gotten around to but now that they will  be living up there, we need to move on it.

We will probably be going down the last weekend of July to move them up here so I need to get moving on finishing that room. As I said, my main problem (besides the embarrassing fact of having just too much junk) is where to put everything.

When we first moved the bookshelf upstairs I weeded out duplicates and books I would never use (craft books) well, when we moved it back downstairs I have weeded out more. Plus we had a garage sale. And have rented a storage unit for the stuff we don't want to get rid of and the stuff they don't want to get rid.

The good thing about the shutters is that we wont have to hang curtains - altho they will have to suffer for a couple of weeks without them.

I am also doing Camp Loopy again this year - finished what should have been an easy first project - but it wasn't.

Awaiting July 1st to start on the next project. And then some true vacation time in August (Disneyland...August....oh my.....with our daughters, their SO, and all the grands) and somewhere that we haven't totally decided upon in September.

Sunday we will be going to the County Fair with all the grandkids, and their parents....will see if hubby and I won anything on our entries. Maybe he did, I doubt I did. And of course, it is supposed to be the hottest day in a couple of weeks....and the fairgrounds is always hotter due to all the blacktop and the animals and the people!

Lots of sadness in our group of friends. Have been asking for lots of prayers from people. It breaks your heart when you hurt for them but realize there really isn't much you can do.
So how has your life been??? LOL


Danielle, Hope everything went well with your daughter moving in. We don't have air either . . . much to our kids chagrin and angst. My husband hung outdoor shades on both the front and back of the house. And, in the heat of the summer, it works wonders to keep the heat out.

How did it go at the fair? I was going to enter a shawl but just never quite got around to it and I would have had to block it. Didn't get around to doing that either!

Take care.

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