Goodbye 2014

I cant believe how long it has been since I posted!

I should do at least one more posting before the end of the year.......and I cannot believe how quickly the year has gone by!

Hubby is recovering from knee surgery. He hurt it somehow in May. Tried PT without injection without success. Found an excellant MD who tried a (very very expensive) injection with temporary success. But then found out that MD did not take our insurance. His office is trying to get a contract with our insurance company......but in the end he was a wonderful gentleman. He accepted the pittance our insurance paid, plus the amount we paid, and then wrote off the balance.

So then our primary MD retired. And we found a new one. And he recommended a surgeon who takes our insurance. After an MRI he diagnosed a meniscal tear. And he had surgery 3 days after his birthday. After about the first 3 days post op he has been doing so good. No longer walking like Walter Brennan....started out with crutches for one day....then one crutch for one and half days, and nothing since. His back no longer hurts because of the hitch in his gitalong. Tuesday he gets the 4 little stitches out (could have come out last week if it wasnt a holiday week!)....because he wouldnt let me take them out! And then back to driving!

Several blogs I read keep track of their addiction, whether or not it is fabric or yarn. Well, I am not organized enough to do that  but I will probably keep mentioning stash that I am knitting up. I am joining a KAL in 2015. A pair of socks/ month from stash. Already picked out 12 skeins of yarn (why are so many of them similar in colors?????) and had my husband bag them up (with me in another room) in numbered bags.

I have 2 pairs on the needles - one sock from each pair. And those are both stash yarns. And then I found a little kit that I bought back in 2009. Back when I broke my ankle I joined a Pattern of The Month Club and I found one kit left. And that one is almost done.


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