Sunday, May 24, 2015


Looking back at photos on Facebook, it has been a busy year! So I am going to load some photos to share...
 Went to Sonoma for an overnighter......found a very expensive thrift store.....a great store called Tiddle E Winks.....a fantaastic winery Cline Cellars.....and a restaurant with THE BEST gnocchi I have ever had Della Santina
 yes we made pieorgies for Easter...Kaia helped.....for about 2 minutes!
 I found a fun new project - tissue dying on silk scarves...(re)discovered that red + green = a very not pretty brown! But I bought more scarves and more tissue paper so I am going to try again!
 Went to see Book of was as coarse as I expected but also hilarious!
 Actually won a raffle at the after party for the Bras For The Cause walk!

 Love this photo! Together the three of us raised almost $1500!!!!! And, even with allergies kicking my butt, and not training, I managed to finish without difficulty - and at one of our fastest times!

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