Long Time No Chat

It has been an interesting summer.....and I cannot believe it is almost over.

Several very hot days. But only 2 - 3 at a time, thank goodness. The garden we are sharing with our neighbor (while her back will not allow her to garden) has ended up being very interesting. We have had maybe a dozen cucumbers - many dozen zuchinni - no eggplants (the morning glory vines helped strangle that one) - there are 6 pumpkins - 2 watermelons -  but for the first time ever (for us) the bell peppers are going strong! The tomatoes are a total bust - not just for us either - growing big - but not turning red.

Daughter and her family found a house to rent and have moved out. The silence is interesting. I dont miss the tantrums - but I am having a grandchildren withdrawal! The dog is very confused - and he is ready to be packed up and sent to them - with his barking at night! I dont know if he is just not use to the silence or he is hearing ghosts!

Had a lovely day with the grandboys taking them to see friends in the Monterey area Saturday. And then last night - the night before he started school - 7th grade already! - the oldest cut his leg. Spent hours in the ER. Recieved 20 stitches. He did a good job. Hopefully that will not keep him out of the water in Hawaii.

Youngest grandson made it to County this year - took 5th in the breast and the back (he could have done better but oh, my, was it hot that weekend - and one boy false started and the boy next to him almost fell in while getting on the starting block). His medley relay took 9th.....the free relay didnt place. But you know what???? 6 years old and his first time at County - he did AWESOME!!!!

Busy busy busy June and July at work. And now we are the exact opposite of that!

Getting close to our busy September......Harvest Wine Festival.....Disneyland for 4 days (jsut hubby and I).....and then Hawaii (with daughters and their families)! Praying for good weather for all! After we get home the rains can come (please)!


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