Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer is birthday time!

The first birthday in June was Owen's and he turned 2.

And then there was mine, and I turned....hmmm, so old I cant remember!

And at the end of July was son John's (See below).

Now, in August was Jack's 2d birthday.

In Sept daughter Katie will have a birthday - and her daughter will be born. First she was Lola, now she might be Kaya....we will see who she actually is when she gets here!

Next, in November, Connor will turn 5 and he will hopefully have a big surprise that involves a little bit of travel to southern Ca (but dont tell him!).

After that in quick succesion - all in December is son in law Earl, daughter Jessyca, and hubby Tom. Then we have a break again until next summer...

My SCRAWL is almost done - I am getting very impatient to try it on!

Have jury duty tomorrow - possibly. Called tonight and I have to call again tomorrow between 1100 and 1300....I really dont want to go to Oakland especially since they wont let you knit in the jury room any more!!!


Dawn ; ) said...

just droppin' by to say hello. hope you are having a wonderful weekend and didn't have to do juror duty.

btw ~ happy belated b-day. ;D

*fellow whoduknit member

Jane said...

Belated Happy Birthday! We have lots of summer birthday's too. My three children and my three grandchilden all have birthdays between July 27 and August 31. My credit card takes a beating in the summer!