Sunday, August 19, 2007

What next?

I am almost afraid to ask that...

So our renters are moving out becuase they have bought a house. I am happy for them. But now will be the first time to rent to strangers. They introduced some friends that want to rent, which is nice of them. And yesterday we went down to meet them.

Now, the couple we rented to are nice kids. But in the 7 years (could not believe it was 7 years!!) we rented to them - they could jsut not get it thru their heads that they were renting and needed to run it past us before they did anything to/for the house. No matter how many times we went over that with them.

Yesterday we found lots of plants - some of which they will have to leave. And they have put down bark over the dirt in the backyard. HAve not kept the bamboo cut back (which the previous renters planted without our permission) as we asked - and a couple of trees overgrown and the front yard a mess. But I knew that from driving by it about a month ago and we planned to take care of those things soon.

What we didnt know what that they redid the kitchen floor.....they pulled up and discarded all the carpeting in the house (ok, the carpeting was pretty old so no big deal - but they didnt quite know as much about taking care of the hardwood floors as they seem to think). And the bathroom floor that was fixed about a year ago (that is a story in itself how we got boonswoggled on that one) needs look into cause it was a very crappy job - especially for how much we ended up paying.

Now, as we were talking with our new renters (yes, we signed a lease yesterday) they asked what we were going to do about the bathroom sink and tub. Now you WOULD THINK the renters would have told us about those issues wouldnt you????????????????????? Nope....the bathroom sink leaks from several places (and it looks like they tried re-painting the sink at some point and doing a horrible job) and the tub is in horrible shape with a broken drain in the bottom.


So now we need to re-do the bathroom. No real big problem except for - when???????
It would take at least a week to do it and we dont have a week. Cause of our vacation and all.
To replace the sink we will have to pull out the old vanity cause the sink is set into tile - and that means pulling tile off the wall and re-doing the wall. There is some wall repair to do around the shower tiles too. We are trying to find out about refinishing the tub and tile like we have done here in our house.

Need to pull up the shoddy floor and check to see what repairs need to be done to the repairs that were done. I guess we could jsut then lay down more linoleum in a quick repair...would be nice to tile it for long term, but time wise probably not.

So - between our trip and the new grandbaby and work and school - and them moving in, and what not - where do we fit in the time??? Especially since it is an hour and a half away????
I dont want contractors down there without us, so that isnt a solution either!

Went to the little county fair....and I am sooooo disappointed. The one thing I was looking forward to eating - was not there! Oh well....

Anyone know of a fairy godmother who could wave her wand and fix the bathroom for us???

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