Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Step One

Well, step one in fixing up the rental is underway.

"The guy" is supposed to start the refinishing of the tub and surround this week.
Gonna cost us a heckofalot more money than we expected tho....cause he has to remove the 'paint' that 'someone' apparently put on the tub (same as the paint in the bathroom sink) before he can start the refinishing process. So it is an extra step to pay for - and it takes more time. Hopefully he is up to MiracleMethod standards...

Did I post about that? Becuase we were so pleased with the work they did on both bathrooms at our house, we looked on their site to find a franchise in the area of our rental. And there was one listed....turns out they use their location description very freely and they dont actually go to the area they advertise. So I sent them a not-so-happy email about their misleading advertising...also sent the home address a not-so-happy email about the misleading advertising. Big surprise - I havent heard back from either one!

So, we will be spending our 34th anniversary down at the rental paying off this guy with a huge check, and shopping for the new vanity and sink that we need, and the new flooring...Wowee!!!
No fancy restuarant dinner this year...can you see me smiling??? Neither can I!

I finished a Christmas present for a friend - a knitted present. Do not like how it turned out. It is a kit, which is part of the problem. But there is enough yarn to make 2, so I have started the 2d one, with revisions. And a different approach. Trying to think of what project to take on the plane with me next week. Needs to be something easy but interesting. Guess I could do more scarves....ho hum... some socks....ho hum....But it needs to be small and easy to carry.

Also need to decide on which books to take. And how many pairs of shoes....why do we women need so many shoes but men dont? And I dont pack as many as other women I know, but I dont think I can get away with less than 3-4 pairs. And they become heavy. Well, my clothes packing will just have to be more streamlined....so I say every time before I go on a trip: "I've learned from last time and I wont pack as many clothes". And I still pack too many and dont wear everything that I packed...

I am getting so excited to go - I really need this vacation cause my attitude at work is starting to stink bigtime again. But I am dreading the flight cause I hate flying so much. I jsut do it because it sure beats walking to where-ever we are going!

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Mary Lynn said...


Hope everything goes well with the bathroom. Remodelling is just a hideous thing . . . when we did it, our contractor recommended that our budget included a 15% to 20% cushion . . . it was definitely about 20% more than what we had planned.

I feel your pain with respect to the shoes. My DH freaks when he sees the shoes I want to bring when travelling.