Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year!

These pictures prove that our Grandson #1 is not going to be the NBA star who will support his grandparents in the future! He just has no interest it seems - although we did find out he is the youngest on the team. My DD is making him finish out the season -and although I can understand why and support her - oh my, this was a most interesting day! Thank goodness it consisted of only 6 periods, each consisting on 5 minutes each, no clock stopping, no fouls etc!!

I finished the GI Joe blanket and gave it to Grandson #3 last Sunday. Along with a quick and simple cap I made out of the left over yarn. The colors really washed out in this photo. I now have one on the needles for Grandson #2 - his will be blue and red.

We have survived the Storm of the Decade with only leaves and all blown around. The perks of living in a valley is that you do not get the destruction that those on the coast received. There are some fences down around here - and some branches and trees but that is it. We were not hit with the power outages that so many other locations received.
This weekend, once the storm finished and it was daylight out - I could see the snow on the hills around us (those of you who live back east would think of them as mountains!). Lovely but not quite as much as I expected - maybe there was more there before I had a chance to see it!
We spent Sunday putting together hubby's closet. We had been looking at closet organizers for awhile and last November found the Elfa closet organizer that The Container Store sells. We spent time there designing stuff for his closet and mine (both of which are very small). At the end of it, the person who helped us kindly told us that they were going on sale after Christmas - 30% off. So they saved the designs and we called to pick up the pieces on Saturday. The only bad thing I have to say about The Container Store is that the closest one is in Walnut Creek.
So we drove there Saturday morning and there was actually sun out! After going to the Farmer's Market (not too many farmers braved the iffy weather that week!) we headed there and got there early. Even time to do some shopping there - and got our stuff loaded in the truck before our 'appointment' time of 1100. I was surprised at the small amount for 2 (although small) closets.
Now meanwhile my husband had cleaned out his closet - mudded areas that needed it - and repainted it. So it was all ready to put together - and we were assured that it would take us 1 - 2 hours to do. Uh huh. IF the pieces fit! For some reason - the measurements were all off and several things didn't fit. So we called The Container Store and they were quite nice about it and decided which pieces had to be re-done. Now we were supposed to go to the basketball game Sunday but no, hubby wanted to go right back there cause he wanted to get his closet done (plus - when he explained, it made sense - if there were still problems we would still have Sunday to make yet another trip).
So off we went - and this time the 2d part of the storm had started. More rain and wind and lack of visibility. Got to the store which was now very very crowded - but they were expecting us and took away the items to be re-cut or replaced. We wandered the store and got more ideas....we weren't there very long as I think we took priority. And after they showed us what they did and all - and asked what could they do better (build a store closer to us???!!! LOL) they handed us a $50 gift card for our inconvenience!!!!!
Totally unexpected - we just wanted things made right -which they did! I know this was a sizeable sale - but maybe it was also because we weren't nasty about it? Anyway, I always have fun looking around this store, they have great ideas - especially at Christmas time. But now I really appreciate their service ethics - go visit www.ContainerStore.com!!!!
Today I am working at pulling things together for my nurslings - semester starts in 2 weeks. But also it is my chore to now clean out MY closet - yuck! But I will be weeding thru things too. Thrift stores - expect a big donation soon!!! I just took a before picture - well, partial photo not sure if I can show you all the floor of the closet! And I will post it side by side with after photos. Hubby will take shelf out - mud - and paint this coming weekend I am sure. And then we will put it all back together the weekend after that!

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