Made in the USA

I just read this and wonder if it is true:
An eye-opening fact about U.S. labeling requirements is that .... a factory in China to [could have been contacted to] manufacture the entire inside portions and ship them to the U.S. As long as they were snapped in place in the U.S., ... still could've labeled the product "Made in the U.S.A."

That makes me wonder how many times we buy American and it really isnt? Althought I do drive a Toyota and the reason that it doesnt bother me is that it was built in the USA and therefore employed Americans.

Finished watching the John Adams mini-series last night. It was a little dry and slow but very interesting. See, hubby is a Civil War nut so we dont do toomuch about history prior to that. You should have seen his face though, at the end, when I said "Hmmm, I wonder if I could be related to him".

It was one of those 'WTF is the crazy woman talking about now' faces. But my maternal grandmother was and Adams. So I have decided I can lay claim to the relationship - until someone disproves me and then they will have to give me all that geneological research without me having to do it!! LOL

I am proud to say one of the 3 tomato plants is still alive - the one someone left on the porch, not the two freebies from the OSH show!


Anonymous said…
See Please Here
Karen said…
I recently read a book called "A year without "made in China" : one family's true life adventure in the global economy". It was very interesting - the family had two small children and trying to keep them amused without buying toys from China was really something. It also brought out what you were just talking about - how hard it is get to the truth of a label. Sometimes they would buy something and open it and find the object itself labeled differently from the box.

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