Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack!

Today is grandchild #3's 4th birthday. Boy time goes by much faster when you are an adult, doesnt it!

Yesterday ws his birthday party. After a week or so of cool temps (70's and 80's) yesterday had to be hot. Around 100 degrees. Why? Because the party was in the afternoon, outside, at a park! It was a dinosaur party! My daughter - who has turned into this strange person, a Martha Stewart type - made dinosaur bones, and buried them in the sand. Each of the kids got a bucket and shovel and a brush to brush the sand away from their finds. The kids had loads of fun....even as they were sweating to pieces!

Now today they are all going to the MOnterey Bay Aquarium.

Garden art.....too bad something sat on this plant and did it in. So instead of 5 or 6 beautiful bell peppers and some more flowers....we are going to be lucky to maybe get 2 small-to-medium sized pepper. I wish I could figure out what decided to use our garden as a bed. I would say the dog, but I take a backyard 'walk' every day....the garden was fine one day and not fine the next. Our dog is primarily an indoor dog, and in that 24 hours had not been left outside unsupervised.

Arent squash blossoms beautiful?? I hear they are tastym stuffed with cheese and fried. Never had them. I 'told you so' to my husband and told him he was buying way too many squash plants. And they took over the garden. So he was just going to pull them out and throw them away. I told him to try transplanting them - had a 50% chance of it working. He did. And 2 of the 3 plants have little squashes on them!

Luke just had a blast 'fighting' these ballons until they all popped! We moved the dinosaur balloon so it wouldnt pop. And he wasnt even scared when they popped! He was dunny - walking around bare foot except on the concrete! He learned to lean down and feel it with his hadn before he tried to walk on it! And he tried eating a little bit of everything - rocks, licked a tree, helped himself to food off people's unsupervisied plates!

When the digging was done, the bigger boys found the perfect climbing tree! I think COnnor (that is his back up there) found it first!

Jack - in the brown shirt - and friends becoming archeologists! Or would it be paleo...something or other? Can you see how sweaty his hair is???
June, September, and December are our busiest months. So he has the only August birthday now (my mom's birthday was in August too). Now we gear up for 2 anniversaries (3 if you count the inlaws!) and 3 birthdays in September!


Flores Hayes said...

Happy Birthday to Jack!!!
Flor (

Jane said...

We have a lot of birthdays/anniversaries this time of year too. My DD and DS in July,
My other DS, the twins (sweet 16) and youngest granddaughter (10 - not so young anymore!) and DD and SIL's anniversary in August.