Sunday, August 30, 2009


I just love thrift shops and the bargains you can get! I bought 2 partial balls of baby yarn to make bootees with - for fifty cents. Got home and found one ball was actually wound with double! So got double the amount of yarn on that one - so literally got 3 balls for fifty cents! Already have two pairs of bootees made.

Found son a table and chair for $25 at a garage sale yesterday! The people had actually bought it for their son - but when they called him to tell him, he told them he had already bought a table and chair for himself! So we got it for son - and he took it home last night (even better that we didnt have to keep it hanging around for a while!).

Hot hot hot the last two days. Yesterday I believe it was 104. So we went to a late afternoon movie. Hubby owed me one after forcing me to see Distict 9 and Inglorious Basterds (I am so not a Brad Pitt fan - I dont think he can act - he is merely a mannequin who plays the same role over and over no matter what the movie calls for). So we went to see Julie & Julia. The fact that it was so hot made dragging hubby there easier.....and he loved it as much as I did!!!!!!! In fact, I think he was laughing louder! Meryl Streep plays an awesomely funny Julia Childs. And the movie showed sides of this woman I never would have guessed at! Would love to see some of her old tapes again!!!

Got home and sat in the pool for a bit to cool down. Supposed to be cooler today - I hope so! Did some yard work yesterday morning - transplanted some spearmint (hope it makes it) as well as planted the new oregano I bought and so nice smelling stock that I put in a pot on the front porch. This morning I need to go out and deadhead the roses in the front! So better get to it before it gets miserable out there!

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