Happy Anniversary!

Well, it is hubby's and my wedding anniversary. At 1 PM _____ years ago, we were to be married. Unfortunately, his mother functioned by her own clock (which oldest DD has inherited to a degree, and son has inherited to the utmost) so, as my military father paced and fumed, we awaited her arrival. Not sure exactly when the ceremony started but I know it was closer to 1:30 PM than 1:00 PM!
It's done! We are married! And no one thought it would last more than a few years....

Look at the scenic shoots. We have even better ones of the whole wedding party but I dont want to post their photos without their approval. Anyway, we got married at Ft. Ord California in the beautiful wedding chapel there. These photos were taken at the reception at the Officer's Club. Hubby has always loved oak trees - and I have always hated them. So there we are posing in the midst of dried grass (September, remember?) and oak leaves and all - and I am dressed all in white with white heels!!! Whose idea was this anyway???? Oh yeah, the photographer!

Ok, I left the year blank up there to give everyone a chance to guess how long we have been married - what year we were married in. And to make it fair I posted our after the reception photo to make it easier for you!
We;ve had our bad times and we've had our hard times - but I sure wish we could spend another _______ years together!!!!!!!!!!


a corgi said…
happy belated anniversary; I'm thinking you got married in the late 1970s or very early 1980s? we got married in 1980 and your pictures reminded me of our pictures

I'm south of you in the Temecula area; just stopped in to say "hi"

MLJ1954 said…
I'm with Betty, we got married in 1980 too. But I would venture, you got married in 1978.
MLJ1954 said…
And happy, happy, happy anniversary!

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