Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Well, here is the largest expenditure. Havent talked about it much here yet, but as of this coming Friday hubby will be retired and we need another car. Looked at used cars - and the Prius used isn't as much different from the new Prius. And then we saw the ad for the Honda Insight. Not quite the mileage (45 highway compared to 50 for the Prius) but several thousand cheaper. So we went and looked and test drove and bought. And no, I would never have chosen red (yuck!) but it was hubby's choice this time....sure wish I could have talked him into the grey, it was really nice...
Can you guess what this is???? Well, we went to a lot of garage sales today and after batting zero, we finally hit a neighborhood that had some good ones. Bought a book at this place for $0.25 and then I asked what they wanted for this.....I expected them to say $250...

Because it is in relatively good condition - needs 2 new wheels and a strip hammered on...(couldnt get a photo of the rest of the interior cause of how it is sitting in the garage right now)

And some hardware for the is an icebox.....from early in the 1900's.
Oh yeah - we paid $20!!!!!!!!

And at another place got this mini bundt pan and 2 tongs for $3 and I was proud of myself - I walked away from a basket I wanted!
It is hot hot. And it shouldnt be this hot darn it. So we went and saw 'Surrogates' because it is air conditioned! As much as I do not like sci fi and do not like Bruce Willis, it really wasnt a bad movie at all! Kinda of a combo romance/sci fi/lesson movie all rolled into one.


evergreenknits said...

Hi Danielle!

I finally drew the winners for my Sprout baby blanket giveaway, and I'm happy to report that you're one of them!

Could you send me your email so that I can send you the pattern? You can find me as evergreenknits on Ravelry or evergreenknits[at]gmail[dot]com.


Birdsong said...

I can't EVEN tell DH about your great find... iceboxes are his passion and my retort goes something along the lines of "can't you collect something small?"