Thursday, July 8, 2010


On June 5 we ordered 2 chairs. Then 1.5 weeks later, we ordered a couch (same company, different store).

The chairs were due 6/24. The couch was due 6/30.

We got rid of our broken chair. Took our couch to our daughter on 6/18.

We got our couch the week after Father's Day.

We were told our chairs would arrive 6/30.

Then we were told July.

Then we tried calling the store manager - who was on vacation. So we emailed the company and got back a blah blah blah email.

Finally spoke with the store manager who said she would look into it and get back to us.

Still have never heard from her.

Then we were told they would be here 7/9.

So on Wednesday we called to check - and were told that delivery was still expected 7/9.

So with this Mehserle Verdict coming in - and the need for our babysitting services - I cancelled my MD appt for 7/9 and we called to see if we could find out if it would be AM or PM.

They couldnt find our order.

When they did - they told us they had no idea when the chairs were expected in. But they would look into it and call us back by 5 PM.

Yep, you got it. NO phone call.

So - emails to: Consumer Advice; the company; Better Business Bureau; posting on Facebook and And this.


AND NEVER EVER NEVER PAY CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby is convinced it is because they realized they sold them to us too cheaply and then threw in free delivery.....

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