"Vacation" Day #4

Red's Donuts....they have aplace in Monterey (shown) and in Seaside. I grew up on these donuts. And they made me a donut snob. These are the gold...no, the platinum standard for donuts...
Been awhile since I have seen the number of sea lions in the wharf area as we saw today. Wonder if it is mating season? But I have to tell you, after our late lunch, I was envious of these guys cause that is all I wanted to do...

If you love squid - now known exclusively as calamari - like we do, this is where you go. They also have excellant sand dabs! My hubby's favorite dish has been taken off themenu - why???? - but they will still make it if you request it.

The Feast of Lanterns in PG (Pacific Grove). This has been a festival forever - I think someone said 115 years? Was always a really big thing - and very fun. Parade....all the stores decorated with the lanterns....fireworks. This year at the last minute they 'realized' they had run out of money too late to do anything about it. No parade. No fireworks. A little ceremony in the park. So sad.

And on our way home....don't you jsut love the colors?

So we checked out the house - made sure the dryer had arrived okay - looked at the patio roof repair the tenant had done - the yard and all. Then we hit some garage sales. Very disappointing - the lack of them - and the lack of anything good. I think we spent less than $10. Got another large pyrex mixing bowl to replace the one I had that broke many years ago - a large peach colored metal tray with roses, so pretty - a pair of dinosaur earrings for me to wear when I see the grandson who adores dinosaurs - and some marbles for one of them. That was it. Very disappointing that there were no garage sales in Pebble Beach.
Dropped off knitted squares at the yarn store where we learned about the very disappointing fate of the Feast of Lanterns. We had lunch on the wharf - all the parking lots were full but we found a street parking place. Walked thru the little arts and crafts fair.
Afterwards we went and visited friends - it was good to see how well our friend Marilyn looked. And then home....home for hubby to sit in his chair and me not be able to sit in my chair :-(


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MLJ1954 said…
You are so good about posting about your vacation as you go. I forgot to even download my pics.

Too bad about the comment moderation but I see what you mean. When I first set up my blog, someone recommended that I use comment moderation and I always have.

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