Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Vacation" Day #2

This is where we went today. Hubby went with daughter and her family a week ago and knew I would love it (I had to work that day). So we went and I loved it!!! 170+ photos worth!
Haven't seen nasturtiums in a long long time!

Another photo for Katie -

I know there is no way to prove it was the same one - but it just seemed like this same grey Harbor Seal kept watching me watch him!

Didnt plan for two postings, but blogspot froze up on me and wouldnt let me post any more photos.
We had lunch at a cute little coffee shop that hubby has told me about for years. It was empty - but apparently it is SRO for breakfast. Very very very good clam chowder. If you are ever in Pacifica - eat at Kerri's Coffee Shop in the mall that has Hallmark and RadioShack.

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