Monday, February 21, 2011

Have You Noticed

Yes, I am on my soap box again.
Started Friday - reinforced today.
And this is mainly a women bashing rant.

Apparently a very old game is back. Does anyone remember how to play Statues*?
Well, apparently many people do.
Mostly women.

Take the yarn market I went to Friday. Very crowded. Very busy. And yet at almost every 4 way intersection of aisles there were clumps of women playing Statue right in the middle. Just standing there, talking, and totally blocking the aisles so that no matter what direction you were walking you could not get around them.

Or the ones who were in the booths and just standing there - blocking it so that people could not look at the vendor's supplies - yet not buying.

Hubby told me that day at thegrocery store it was the same - women stopped to talk, totally blocking the aisle and being very snippy if people tried to get by.

Today we went to Whole Foods. Walked thru the door, into the produce, and there was the very first person playing Statue. (Also very odd, almost every person who walked by our shopping cart would slow down to look into it - noticed that the shoppers at this place were thoroughly checking out other poeple's shopping choices - very odd).

What is up with this?????

* This site has the most thorough explanation of this child hood game that I have ever seen or ever heard before:

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Smalltown RN said...

At first I didn't recall that game...then it dawned on me...ah yes..we use to call that "freeze" run some one would yell stop and you had to stop and hold that position...first one to move was out. Is that the game you are referencing?

I loved it as a child but like you not so much as a be honest I haven't really noticed that...I guess I just wait or ask to be excused and move along.

I live in a seniors body moves very fast. Why should they...what are they in a hurry for...this is a social outing for them...they even enjoy chatting to you when you ask them to move their cart! LOL

I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a great comment. I couldn't agree with your sentiments more!