2 recent finished projects

This is a UFO from who knows how many years past. It is one of the ones that when I started knitting it again - I realized why it was a UFO. Very easy knit. Beautiful thick/thin yarn with a sparkle. And yep, the dye rubbed off onto my hands. So I washed it and tried to block this very very long shawl - nothing big enough to block it on. I am hoping that the one wash was enough to 'set' the dye.
This is how I ended up blocking it - which means it wasnt blocked very well. But that is ok....for now. Am hoping that an email I sent to hubby will result in a birthday present that would make life easier when it comes to blocking knit items!
Oh, where is the 2d item?
Well, it is a present that will be mailed out in a week or two. After that time I will post the photo - dont want the recipient sneaking over here to sneak a peek!


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