Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am sad....

Tomorrow Grandson #2 'graduates' from kindergarten! Unbelievable!

They live in Nevada so we do not get to see them as much as the grandkids who live 40 minutes away.

I am working tonight so cannot be there. Hubby has already left - he will drive up today and come home tomorrow....I am sad because I cannot be there either (but I am one call-in-sick away from being on contract....isnt that silly....because of my job, I should never work sick....and we earn sick days....but if you use them, you can get into trouble....)

Congratulations Owen - and, as Kaia says "I miss you"!!!

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MLJ1954 said...

Aw. That is too bad.

We have the same thing with the days off, especially around holidays. Arghh.