Monday, May 9, 2011

What a weekend!

My odlest grandson has been playing some chess at his after school program and he really has a pretty good concept. Altho not good enough to teach his brother's yet!

One of many people who turned out to support our walk on Saturday night - note the bra on the dog! She told us her sister had died from breast cancer

My oldest daughter and her friend/co worker who is a 7 year? survivor....Unbelievable energy n the walk! Glad they tried to tone it down so I could keep up with them!

Our team - Maddy's Girls - in our full glory! Lots of people taking our photos - lotsof compliments - but alas we did not win for best bras. The ones wo won (and did not get a photo of them) deserved it!

The start was a bit late, and as usual we were in the back of the pack. Not a good place to be but no one ever listens to me! The first part of the walk is thru downtown and is very slow because of the narrow sidewalks and all the crossings we have to do. But we also get a huge showing of support as we walk along there!

It was a cold and windy night which might have been helpful cause it made us walk faster! But the bathroom break we all had to do (probably cause it was cold) slowed us down because the city did not accomodate us with open bathrooms!!!

I was so proud of myself. I really did not think I would finish it this year because of the way my knee has been feeling. And there was one uphill section that really made me feel pessimistic but actually my knee feels better when it is moving, and not still. So I made it without a problem - and without a fall!!!! (Taking the tylenol before and after the walk may have helped too!!)

Now Sunday was another story.....late night....waking up often cause of the knee...and then an early morning to get to my daughter's house for brunch - which was lovely as usual! There were times yesterday that I literally did not think I was going to be able to move my knee. And now today - it feels better than it has in a long while! Go figure!

We went to one estate sale on Saturday - after being at odest grandson's baseball which ended after 5 innings cause 1/2 the kids on both teams had their first communion that day! We scored pretty good - got a huge wicker chest, a vintage firebox (that will turn into a planter), a couple of Barbie things I wont talk about here, hubby got a very interesting vintage travel game, oh yes, and a huge Baggalini bag - the most expensive thing was the game - I know there was something else but I cant think what - and we spent $30 for everything! They did have 2 other items I wanted but not for the price - a vintage wrought iron plant stand and a decorated brass covered wooden firebox...

Thanks to my lovely daughters - my Nevada daughter and grands sent me a lovely tea basket - my CA daughter and grands gave me some lovely presents and the brunch - her sweet MIL gave me a lovely Willow Tree statue - her SIL gave me a lovely orchid - son gave me a beautiful mini rose plant - and the love of my lofe (at least most of the time!) gave me a lovely, one of a kind, necklace.

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