Inspiration? Or delusion?

I read a lot of blogs. And my favorite ones are knitting ones, and nurse ones. A lot of the blogs I read are by very talented knitters - many of them designers. Very inspiring - at least the make me wishful!

So I have been making these socks for myself. And I am so loving the pattern (no matter that I have had to rip out & start over on each leg a minimum of a dozen times - I let myself get distracted!).

I had recently seen the most lovely sweater on this site: (an awesome site about the stroke recovery of a very young woman!) and am eagerly awaiting the pattern to be written....

And then I started thinking - the tidal waves pattern would make a lovely pocket - and I was turning the sock this way & that to look at it - and then decided - wait!!!! Wouldnt this make an awesome sleeve in a very light and drapey yarn???? Hmmm.....could be one of those loose cardigans that hav no buttons on the front....wonder if I have any yarn for this....

What???? I am thinking about trying to design/adapt something???!!! Rather than jsut following a pattern??? am I growing up?????


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