Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do you have one of these neighbors?

You know the kind, they watch and observe and know EVERYTHING that is going on in the neighborhood.

It is a good thing - right? Yes, I think it can be. But it can also be a very bad thing.

When I was growing up (in the house we have been working on) it was our neighbor on the right - Mrs. Maxwell. She even had binoculars at her chair in the front room in front of the window. I know wonder if she had a police scanner - I want to say yes, but they are much more popular back East than they are out here.

Now it is our neighbor on the left. Dont get me wrong - he was a great neighbor when my parents were getting older and we were living far away. He was especially great when my dad was living alone and we were an hour and a half away. And even my husband knew him because they went to HS together.

But now he has become a royal PITA.

Remember the front yard that was getting dug out? All those over grown junipers (they were lovely when first planted - a yard of rocks with nicely spaced junipers - and my parents took such good care of them - but over the decades they grew from a carpet into a jungle - and the roots will [and did!!!] grow thru the sewer pipe which we had to replace). Well, all the junipers are gone, and all the beer bottles are gone.

And this week the guys were over there ready to rake and level the dirt - put down the weed guard - and cover with bark. But nooooooooo.....our neighbor decided he needed to monitor them. And tell them what they couldnt do.....and then scare them totally away because for two days he kept getting in their face and threatening them with the city.

So they quit. Yup. Quit. All this went down yesterday while I was at work. Poor hubby took the brunt of this - the phone calls from the workers and the phone calls from Mr. Busybody (for want of unprintable name!).

Then, coming home, I get a text from my daughter....our 6 year old grandson is in the hospital....had to have an appendectomy last night. We waited up until we heard he was out of surgery and doing okay - at midnight!

Meanwhile, hubby calls me over to look at one of his teeth - and a filling had fallen out!!!!!! Ok, that is 3 things right ..... all should be over.

Got up early today and headed back to the house (we were supposed to go, see the finished yard and pay the workers so we left some things down there to bring home cause our truck was pretty full on Sunday). So we went down.....and we have someone else that will hopefully finish the yard tomorrow - for $600 more than we originally would have spent!!!!!!!!!

I personally said leave the yard as it is - pray for lots of rain - and let all the dirt pour into our neighbors yard.....hubby veto'd that. But if the fence betwen our houses ever needs to be fixed - damn if I'm not going to say that the first $600 is on him since that is what he has cost us today!

Update on grandson - he was doing well and could have gone home today but he couldnt pee! They tried everything they could think of - then finally medicated him enough that he fell asleep, relaxed, and pee'd. But now they have to wait to see if he can keep best news is home by 8 PM tonight....worst case will be tomorrow morning....

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