Monday, February 6, 2012

Let Me Introduce You To The Neighbor From Hell....

Yep, it continues. Today the 'Chief Building Official' went by the house to explore the complaint of dirt being dmped in the back yard. And he got there before the workers got there. And he did say that the dirt had to be graded out and not against the fence.

The tenants sent photos of what it looks like now that the workers had been there. And the dirt has been graded out and is nowhere near the fence - and how can we tell? From the weeds that are growing near the fence and they are not covered by the dirt....

Interesing - while looking on the city site ran across some old meeting minutes.....did not look at all of them but several popped up with said neighbors name being at the meeting and complaining about issues in the neighborhood.

Would be nice to know that the City is responding to his complaints because they know him and just want to SHUT HIM UP......otherwise it must be that things are pretty damn boring in that city that they respond so quickly!

But this harassment is really taking a toll on both of us. I think we are going to go talk to some lawyers. We are trying NOT to escalate things....which I think we can prove in that we have responded to his requests and can show that.

Now my granddaughter is sick.....woke her parents up by yelling her bed was on fire!!! No, it was her. Took her to the MD and put her on steroids and cough medicine for croup. That poor family....they are loving Chattanooga so much but the kids have been sick more in the 6ish months they have been there - of course, this is the first time Little Missy has been in daycare - and the have moved from high desert area to moister areas....but still - enough is enough!
Feel better Kaia!

Heard Jack went to school today so guess the bathroom issue is resolved!

PS. Heard that - after how many years? - son finally moved some things out of our house! Only because he decided to go snowboarding today.....LOL!

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Hippywitch said...

Sounds like a true annoying neighbour you got there, poor you! Good idea to get lawyers involved even if only to document what's going on properly. We had one of those neighbours next door for a while, she was a young girl who worked in a bar and every night would come home at 3am and bring all her friends back for a party with her. It was hell! Had everyone involved from the council to the police and she retaliated by shouting abuse through the walls and making more noise! Eventually after about a year she moved on, that was such a good day!
Keep smiling and stand your ground :-)
Hope your Granddaughter is feeling better,
Hugs, Lori xx