Friday, February 3, 2012

Will It Never End?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, in addition to the extra $600 we were having to pay to have someone finish the job - add another $582 to that.

Some of it is due to extra bark needed, but mostly due to delays.

Yep, he was out there harassing the new workers today. So the majority of that is labor over rides, because a job that should have been finished today will have to be continued next week.

We tried called the City Manager's office again to speak with the man we spoke to before but they are closed on Fridays.

He went so far as to call the Police, who then called the Code Enforcement Officer out. The CEO stated that there was nothing wrong with the way the job was being done.....and then the Crazy Neighbor proceeded to tell the CEO that he didnt know what he was talking about!

I jsut wish the workers had gotten his ranting and raving on video.

So, lie number one in hs email today was that he had been trying to call us all morning. Well, we were in and out all morning and he never called - there is nothing on our answering service- or on our phone which records who all has called thru out the day.

Now he is bitching about the dirt being put in the back yard (which the workers are also going to grade out and keep away from the shared back fence) saying it is going to damage the retaining wall and fence back there and be quite costly. REALLY??????? Well hey CN, I think the first $1100 is on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The parts that really kill me - he complained about the ancient shed in the backyard was pushing the dirt up against the fence (not sure how since the shed wasnt mobile!!) so we paid to have it removed.....he complained about some randome seedlings in the front yard possibly sometime in the future damaging the concrete retaining wall in the front yard, so we paid to have those removed (by the very first crew he scared off)..... and better yet, the last time the fence between our properties was fixed - THE WORK WAS DONE BY HIM (and partially or totally financed by my father) and at the time HE CHOSE not to improve the retaining wall below it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He bought the house knowing that these retaining walls had been put in by the builder in the 1950's.

Wish I had a good photo to post about the crappy half dead front yard he has - and here we are trying to make ours look nicer without spending a boatload of money (HA!) since for right now it is only a rental.....

Hubby keeps looking at me and asking: Are you sure you want to move down there someday???????????????? Maybe we could sell it to someone when we can find someone who will be a total slum lord and totally ignore his demands......

The good news is....grandson is doing fine - came home last night - eating and putting up with his brothers, and quietly playing - YAY!!!

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