Friday, March 23, 2012


Came home from some errands today. Went to recylcing can to throw some papers away, turned around, and saw this. WHAT??????????? We just had the car fixed and some idiot does this to our car today????????
Luckily hubs and I were together so we cant blame each other. We figure it had to be either the library parking lot or the grocery store. And the guy at the auto body (wonder if we can get a frequent user card there????) said it looks like the type of damage that could occur from a skateboard or a shopping cart....
My score at the thrift shop yesterday included some sock yarn, some circular knitting needles, 2 Longaberger votive candle holders and these two items (ignore the bowl in the background). 2 pieces of the Balleek china I collect - not the best price (I would have liked to have paid maybe $20 each - HA!) but still great prices - and I dont have either one already in my collection.
Here is the greenhouse we bought at Big Lotz. Thank goodness for weights like a bag of concrete - kept it from blowing away in the winds last week. Need to get our seeds planted and out there. All we have so far is one tomato, a basil, and some onion sets that need to get planted.
So, last night was the final exam for hubs CERT training course. And I volunteered to be a victim....a volunteer....This was me post makeup. Took awhile to get it all off. And it was interesting....didnt know I was going to be breathing in smoke last night and that didnt work well for my lungs. Knew I would be on cold concrete for awhile so I took an old chair pad with me. Didnt know I would then be sitting in the cold outside for quite awhile. (Of course yesterday was much colder than today!). Boy, did all that cold do a number on my knees and back. I was very achy, as well as coughy, all day today. But it was interesting to work with regular people who are dedicated in learning how to help their neighbors, as well as working with the firemen who are not so use to working with civilians.

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