Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cold - Raining - Did I Say COLD????

But the hardest rain held off until after the game! Thank goodness. I can see such an improvement in this little guys ball skills since last year. He actually pays attention much more of the time and almost every time at bat he gets a hit - if he can just learn to follow thru with his swing, he will be belting them out into the outfield.
Brother had fun on his razor - didnt care that it was raining or cold! His league games havent started yet - they are just practicing, and after 2 practices he still says he is liking it.
And this guy doesnt care about the weather as long as he can run around and play. Took a while to convince him to put his boots on the right feet...
And of course I didnt get a chance to get a photo of the huge flock of wild turkeys and the herd of deer we say when we drove out to an estate sale. Strange house. You could see where it had been added on and added on and added on some more. But the views around it were FABULOUS!

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