Thursday, March 1, 2012

Almost That Time Again!

Yup, May is creeping up on me....and I am not in shape!

Leap Year almost did me in...totally forgot that with Leap Year our weekends are different. Luckily remembered in time to get Mother's Day Weekend off for The Bras For The Cause walk on May 12th (

Trying to come up with a team name - any suggestions?
Also trying to come up with a bra decoration idea....kinda dry....would love to hear any suggestions anyone has!

But what has me so very excited - we may not have the name of the team, or how to devorate our bras....our team might be smaller this year - BUT we already have 4 - count 'em, FOUR - donations for our fundraising raffle! Isnt that awesome!!!!!! I still have a bunch of emails out there that havent been answered - guess I should follow up on them....altho I hate to feel like a pest.

Other new - the crazy neighbor is still crazy. Hubby's cousin works for the water company - wish I could come up with an idea of how to doctor his water supply with meds! I really am thinking the guy is bi-polar. Recieved an email Monday - addressed to Mr and Mrs - remember, this guy went to school with my husband and graduated with him - and he addresses an email Mr and Mrs????? We responded to it - he called - hub called him back and they talked about an hour. 10 minutes about the email and the rest of the time jsut shooting the breeze.

The next day we get a letter from the city that we did NOT fix the dirt in the backyard the way the city said. So hub called the Building Guy he had talked to before....long story short, yup, our neighbor apparently called them again LAST WEEK!

Screaming and carrying on. And they had to respond to the complaint, which we understand. So the deal came down that we would call 'our' contractor who would meet the Building guy at the yard, work out EXACTLY what had to be done, do it, and get signed off.

Luckily, because of weather, the contractor was able to do it that day. Minutes after the building guy and the contractor left - with only his crew there to do the work - guess what....yup, Crazy Man appears and starts in.

So the guys call the Contractor, who drives by City Hall and picks the guy up and they head back to the house. By that time the guys pretty much had the work done and the Building Guy said it was fine and he was signing off on the Crazy Neighbor was screaming and carrying on and telling the Building Guy (the head of the department none the less) that he (neighbor) knew the code and apparently Building Guy had no idea was the code was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Building Guy signed off on the job and went back to work....meanwhile Crazy Man called City Manager.....then a City Council Member....and then the Mayor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and he complained to the Building Guy about a handful of wood chips that were on his front lawn - see! see! I told you they would be coming into my yard! Probably from the cat I see around his yard that I am thinking is his.....

Will this never ever ever end?????????????????????

Got my car back on Tuesday - looking as good as new. Am so happy!

But looks like our May trip to the Grand Canyon is a no go.....not a single motel room to be had in the GC for the entire month....with the price of gas I guess it is just as well....but now what are we going to do for my 2 week vacation? Ideas???

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