Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day #7

I dont have a lot of photos from this day so included some of the awesome freeway art here.

 (At the Coca Cola store in LV - they dont give the free samples of Coke from around the world like they use to - that was a lot of fun!). And then we watched, of course, the FREE movie at the M&M store!
Son gave us tickets to see the Beatles Cirque de Soleil show at The Mirage - he covered it all, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and my birthday. So we started out about 1000 by going to the Mirage to pick up the tickets. And then we jsut kept walking down the strip. Now mind you, this is only the second time I have been to Las Vegas (which is pretty much 2x too many) and cannot remember the date when we were there last - somewhere between 12 - 15 years ago. Now to get from one side of the Strip to the other you have to walk over these walk ways up in the air.....but they dont have them every block....and sometimes you have to cross over one on the side street to get to the one to cross over the Strip. So you end up walking wayyyyyy more than you think. Plus Caesar's, which is on the other side of The Mirage, I swear covers at least 6 blocks! We ended up past the MGM - and by the time we got back to the room it was 4:30 PM!!! So I think I walked off my dessert(s) from the night before!

 Guess you wouldnt forget the name of your hotel if you were staying here!
Decided to eat at the buffet at The Mirage before the show (can you tell that hubby LOVES buffets? I never feel that I get my money's worth from them....but he does!). The food was much better but the dessert bar....well, bluntly, it sucked. There was not the variety as there was at TI, and the one piece of cake I tried was not only sugar free (gag!) but it was stale! So ended up with some strawberry gelato which, again, was not as good as most gelato I have had.

AWESOME show! Like any Cirque show - it is overwhelming, not only what they do, but how much is going on! We had awesome seats too - way up at the top so we could see EVERYTHING! I did get a (catty) giggle when the people sitting next to us came in late and proceeded to keep talking.....well, she then pulled out her phone and started taping the show - and got nailed!!!! YAY!!!!

And another late day comes to a close - got to bed after midnight cause we had to stop at the bar to use our 2/1 coupon! Boy drinks are EXPENSIVE in Vegas! Luckily I overheard some of the prices people were paying - hubby was quite taken aback when he asked if I wanted another and I said no way! after we left I told him the cost that some people were paying.....

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