Sunday, May 27, 2012


Found some photos I forgot from earlier.
 Williams AZ
The new bridge over the Hoover Dam - or the canyon there I guess I should say

 All these flower photos are from the Conservatory at the Bellagio - it was free! Anything else you wanted to do in LV was usually always $19.95.....just like everywhere you went they wanted to take photos and sell you a package for $35...

 Not a very good photo - those are all glass flowers! Arent they beautiful! Well, they would be if I had taken a better photo!
 I am sure in the middle of summer this would be a very nice place to visit!
Had to include this because of the story behind it...not of Penn & Teller either. Our last visit we stayed at the Luxor and I heard that the Righteous Brothers - whom  I really really really wanted to see cause I had loved them forever (long before they became popular again after that movie with Patrick Swazey and Demi Moore) was playing at the Rio. Did I get to see them???? NOPE .... after all, the Rio was TOO FAR from the Luxor to go to.....and a couple weeks later one of the duo my life is full of nevers:
1. never got to see Elvis
2. never got to see
3. this time didnt get to the Cosmopolitan
4. didnt get to go see the Pawn Stars store
I know, I know, stop crying for me....

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