Saturday, May 26, 2012

V-A-C-A-TION....gonna have some fun!

So we left early Friday morning....very early. It was still pretty chilly out, like 55 degrees at 0600.  We spent the past week double bagging all food items we were leaving in the house, and moving all the indoor plants outside, cause while we were gone we were having the house fumigated for termites. What a PITA that is. Now I know why most people wait until they are moving to do that.

So we headed out with our first stop being Kingman AZ. We got there about 4:30 or 5:00 PM and it was in the 90's!!!

It is their Centennial year and there were signs every where reminding you of it - Happy Birthday Arizona! After several days there I still cannot understand why anyone stopped there and said - "hey! this looks like a great place to live!" I totally agree that the desert is beautiful - but I am not a desert person and really do not like the idea of living anywhere that you end up spending months in the house because it is too hot to go outside! And I dont care WHAT state that desert is in!

For all you out there - there are wildflowers and color out there - but mostly in the high country.

Had some very good BBQ for dinner that first night - Redneck's Southern Pit BBQ in Kingman AZ. Very good - I had a pulled pork sandwich, the regular size, and it was almost too big to finish! Hubby had ribs and chicken, both of which literally fell right off the bones.

Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express (good - free - continental breakfasts in the mornings people!) and the oddest thing to me was there was no clock in the room at all! No alarm clock, nothing. Very strange. But like most hotel rooms, you know when it is morning cause those curains dont completely keep the sun out!

Oh yeah, for you Californios out there - gas in AZ is much cheaper! I think the highest we paid in AZ was $3.76. Altho isnt that sad to be saying that that amount is cheap!??!

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