Thursday, August 23, 2012

Loving these mini vacations!

So, we didnt get up to the Yosemite area over Memorial Day weekend as usual, so we decided to go up there this week. Lovely time to go - yes, I missed seeing the dogwoods and other wildflowers in bloom - but it was a much quieter time!
 This was close to sunset in the Bass Lake area - can you see what I am calling an angel's wing?
 Such a lovely place to stay... and this time we got a room we never even knew existed before! Large and quiet....we already booked that same room for Memorial Day Weekend 2013!
 He looked thirsty, so after he scampered away at our approach we ran some water for him. Hope he came back and drank!
 Got lots of Yosemite photos....but in many ways, this is the most important one!
 Thought I would try out my sepia....
 and my black and white!
The grounds of the Narrow Gauge Inn are so beautifully landscaped....

Anyway, we drove up Tuesday and while hubby was playing golf I went to a couple of favorite thrift shops. One was a complete waste of time...the other I got a silk Hawaiian shirt for hubby for $2!!! And some other little knickknacks.

Had dinner at Bass Lake that night after we went to see The Expendables. Totally not my kind of movie - but the movie there was only $6 so cant complain about that.

They yesterday we spent in Yosemite. Wandering around....took the Valley Floor Tour which we havent done in oh, about 10 years or so....that was fun. I so love Yosemite....I was thinking while there that day of all the years wasted  that I had never seen Yosemite....not until we moved back to CA in the early 90's!

Came back and had a wonderful dinner at the NGI. Hubby had venison steak - and I was so jealous! It was so good!!! My chicken marsala was fine, but not nearly as tasty....

Today we drove him cause I work tomorrow. I could have gladly stayed up there longer, but....

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