Saturday, August 25, 2012


Yeah - I slept LATE today - well, till 0815 but that has become late for me....once upon a time that would have been early!
So we got up and went to the market. And then stopped by some garage sales on the way home. Only got 'lucky' at one.
Isnt this the cutest little tin? I couldnt resist it....I know it isnt antique, I dont think even vintage but...
Also for these buttons (2 cards each of the green and pink ones). And the one earring which will make a good clip for a purse or something.
And then this little yellow cupe - Made in USA. So cute, I think it will be a trinket holder. Hubby also got a Tommy Bahama Aloha shirt for $5 so he was happy!

Finished my 3d project for Camp Loopy. It is drying and then I will take photos and post it - and will earn a prize. I am not happy with any of my projects this summer. This last one was supposed to be a cotton Market bag but the yarn jsut did not want to be that. So it turned into a cotton toddler sweater and I ran out of the complementary color so ..... but I learned FINALLY how to truly do the mattress stitch to seam together the two pieces. It will go into my giveaway basket and find a home someday.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. And I thought a lot about her yesterday. We had a few deliveries and I thought that was fun to have all those new babies born on her birthday - too bad they were all boys!

The weather has cooled off which is so nice. I made 4 loaves of zucchini/carrot/nut/chocolate chip bread today with my favorite yummy recipe. Too bad I forgot to put in the baking soda.....well, I planned to get more eggs and make more loaves tomorrow anyway!

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