Hi Ho Hi Ho - It's Off to Disney World We Go!

For whatever reason, hubby decided we would fly to Orlando with DD#1 and her family - and that meant leaving at dawn. But we didnt leave the house as early as they did - they got there at 0330 for the 0600 flight and found out that nothing is open yet....
View out of our window at the Boardwalk Villas,,,,Tower of Terror in far background
 Orlando Airport...
 Jack asleep at Oakland Airport waiting for flight
 That boy can sleep in the oddest positions!
 Kaia at dinner at ESPN on the Boardwalk at Walt Disney World
 Luke and Mom on the plane to Orlando
 Ahhhh..... on our bed at Boardwalk Villas in Walt Disney World
Arrived in Orlando....found the bus (Magical Express) to take us to WDW and it started pouring down rain.....but by the time we got to WDW it stopped, the sun was coming out and there was even a rainbow!

A long long day that started way too early....and ended up with me getting my wish - of hugging DD#2 and her two little ones until they complained!!!!


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