Catching up on WDW - Sunday

 This was Luke's birthday, so today was Animal Kingdom....all for him (well, and everyone else too). Started off with the Animal Safari which was fun - saw lots of different animals.

 Lunch was a buffet (a character lunch of course) at the Tusker House. It was actually pretty good food (the desserts were great!) and the kids got to have their photos taken with the characters...
 The Dinosaur Ride....Luke LOVED it but look at the grip he has on his dad and me - he never let go the entire ride!
 Yeah, all those crazy people decided it was a good day to get wet...the sane ones in the group who chose to stay with the one who was too small to ride - we just stayed wet from humidity...
Now I am really confused....we flew how many miles and how many hours across country? I thought we were in Florida at Disney WORLD?????


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