Monday, April 8, 2013

Life With A Puppy

He was doing soooooo good....too good I guess. The other night he ran over, ate his dinner, drank some water, ran towards the dogbeds in the LR, turned his back to us.....and squatted and pee'd!!!

Then last night our grand-dog came to visit. The visit went a little better than before - less growling from the puppy - and the grand dog actually acknowledged him. (The last time the most acknowledgment was the refusal to get into the dog bed that he had adopted after Jack and Althea passed on - apparently because it smelled of puppy! Wouldnt even fetch his beloved balls out of the bed!!! LOL)

Of course then son decided to see if puppy could swim - barely!! But he does need to know where the steps are in case he falls in.

Anyway, puppy spent a lot of time last night in laps. Grand-dog would NOT get into the dog bed at all. So strange - I am sure it still smells of Althea and Jack, but because it smells of the puppy he wont have anything to do with it. The bed is actually two beds stacked on top of each other - well, he walked around it, and finally pushed the top bed off, and laid down on the bottom bed!!! Glared at us for awhile, and then turned around with his back to us!

After I went to bed he did condescend to getting on the bed with me, but wouldnt cuddle at all. Laid near the side so he could look down at the puppy - which made the puppy growl at him!

He was very happy when his dad came to pick him up!

But we found their revenge this AM - well, hubby found it after I went to work. My allergies are so bad I cant smell anything!

A large pile from Hyde in the dining room - and nearby a small pile, and some pee from Ralph - and more pee in the LR!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is - hubby chose him - and took him knowing he is a puppy!

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